A quick aside on Turkish naming: Ataturk’s nationalization efforts in the 1920s included exchanging the Arabic script for a Latin one and ordering everybody to think up a surname. This, plus the famous Turkish lack of irony, has led us to some wonderful names. The current Prime Minister, Mr. Erdoğan, not only has a silent “g” but a name meaning “manly hawk.” Hamit and Halil Altıntop may not share much with David Beckham, but the name “Altıntop” means “Golden Ball.” Semih Şentürk’s name means “to love the Turks” – his 86th minute equalizer in the 2008 Euro semi-finals was the equivalent of a quarterback leading a touchdown drive but the quarterback’s name is America Fuckyeah. Even naturalized foreigners get in on it, as can be seen by Mehmet Aurelio and the former Coca-Cola Kid, Colin Kazim-Richards, transforming into the sinister Kazim Kazim.
I love Run of Play.